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Digital & Multimedia Evidence

The Digital and Multimedia Evidence field consists of the acquisition, preservation, and analysis of electronic evidence. Digital Forensics focuses on the examination of evidence derived from digital sources such as computers, smartphones and tablets, while Multimedia Evidence involves the examination, comparison, evaluation, and enhancement of audio and visual evidence. Digital and Multimedia Evidence is increasingly significant in the outcome of many civil and criminal investigations; now more than ever it is vital that examiners are properly prepared to handle these evidence sources. Our Digital Evidence tests are designed to mimic real world casework and address skill sets commonly employed by examiners.

Digital & Multimedia Evidence Schedule

5550  Mobile Digital: Android Analysis releases  February
5561  Computer Hard Drive - Windows Analysis releases    April
5562  Computer Hard Drive - Windows & Removable Media Analysis releases/ships April
5551  Mobile Digital: iOS Analysis releases August
5581  Forensic Video Analysis releases June
5591  Forensic Audio Analysis releases July

Portal Links

Manufacturer's Information reports for all Digital & Multimedia tests can be found on the CTS Customer Portal.