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Trace Evidence

The trace evidence field is wide-ranging, so the CTS Forensics Program offers a multitude of proficiency tests to meet the latest needs of this discipline.  In addition to reporting the comparison/identification results, participants also report the methodologies used, allowing your laboratory to see what others in the field are doing that may be helpful in your own analyses. For the Fibers and Ignitable Liquid tests, examiners are also challenged to identify/classify the samples. A wide variety of case-like samples are included in each test, ensuring that your analysts' capabilities are thoroughly tested and proven.

Trace Evidence Shipping Schedule

539  Fibers Analysis ships January
545  Paint Analysis ships February
547  Adhesive Tape Analysis ships April
548  Glass Analysis ships June
536  Ignitable Liquid Identification ships July
546  Paint Analysis ships September

If there are any tests with closed enrollment periods, they are shown here, along with future availability. Contact CTS if you have any questions.

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Manufacturer's Information reports for all Trace Evidence tests can be found on the CTS Customer Portal.