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Drug Analysis

CTS offers drug analysis proficiency tests that provide hundreds of laboratories around the world with a key tool to be certain they are operating effectively. To make the tests as challenging as possible, a diverse range of controlled (U.S. Schedule 5 to Schedule 1) and non-controlled samples are used. The tests demand accuracy on the part of your analysts, as each involves the qualitative analysis of two samples and one, both or none could be a controlled substance. CTS also offers two tests specifically designed to focus on your laboratory's abilities to determine the quantitative purity of a known drug sample. An additional test focuses on the qualitative analysis of botanical samples for marihuana, with the choice to perform quantitative analysis of THC where applicable. These tests will help prove the competency of your analysts and increase confidence in your laboratorys results.

Drug Analysis Shipping Schedule

5001  Drug Analysis  ships  March
5051  Quantitative Drug Analysis (Methamphetamine) ships  May
5031  Marihuana Identification & THC Quantitation ships  June
5041 Synthetic Drug Analysis ships July
5002  Drug Analysis ships  September
5061  Quantitative Drug Analysis (Cocaine HCl) ships  October

Portal Links

Manufacturer's Information reports for all Drug Analysis tests can be found on the CTS Customer Portal.