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Crime Scene

Crime Scene examination has been one of the more difficult disciplines in which to create proficiency tests until now. Crime scene investigators document a crime scene and strive to collect physical evidence in a manner that preserves the evidence in the condition in which it was found.
While CTS continues to distribute regularly scheduled tests that represent aspects of crime scene examination, such as the use of firearms at a scene and bloodstain pattern analysis as an investigative tool, CTS takes PTs to a new level with its customized Crime Scene Processing test. Laboratories can assess multiple technicians per day in a scenario developed specifically for them, at a mutually agreeable (continental US) location and date. Contact CTS ( for details and pricing.

Crime Scene Shipping Schedule

5601/5602/5605  Bloodstain Pattern Analysis ships June
5620  Shooting Reconstruction: Angle Determ. ships August


Portal Links

Manufacturer's Information reports for all Crime Scene tests can be found on the CTS Customer Portal.