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Latent Prints & Impressions

Impression evidence includes any markings produced when one object comes into contact with another object, such as fingerprints, shoeprints, and tire treads. CTS is the leading provider of Latent Print and Impressions proficiency tests. Whether an examiner processes, compares or identifies known and unknown markings, CTS offers a high-quality and relevant test to meet the examiner's needs and measure proficiency. Unique among providers, CTS allows participants to choose the test format that best meets their needs.

Latent Prints & Impressions Shipping Schedule

5161/5165  Latent Print Examination ships January
5331/5335  Footwear Imprint Evidence ships April
5141  Tenprint Examination releases May
5190  Latent Print Processing - Varied Surfaces ships June
5351/5355  Tire Track Imprint Evidence ships July
5171/5175  Latent Print Examination ships August
5193 Latent Print Processing - Nonporous Surfaces ships August
5191 Latent Print Processing - Varied Surfaces ships October

Portal Links

Manufacturer's Information reports for all Latent Prints & Impressions tests can be found on the CTS Customer Portal.