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Firearms & Toolmarks

The Firearms and Toolmarks discipline includes the comparison of bullets and cartridge cases found at crime scenes to suspect firearms, as well as distance and angle determinations and serial number restorations. Also within this discipline, toolmark examiners can determine if a toolmark left at a scene was produced by a particular suspect tool. CTS offers the greatest variety of proficiency tests to meet the diverse needs of the firearms and toolmarks community and works with that community to create casework-like samples that challenge examiners and assess their performance.

Firearms & Toolmarks Shipping Schedule

5250  Serial Number Restoration ships March
5301/5305  GSR Distance Determination ships April
5281  Toolmarks Examination  ships January
5261  Firearms Examination ships May
5251  Serial Number Restoration ships July
5620  Shooting Reconstruction: Angle Determ. ships August
5282  Toolmarks Examination ships September
5306/7  Shotgun Distance Determination ships October
5262  Firearms Examination ships October

Portal Links

Manufacturer's Information reports for all Firearms & Toolmarks tests can be found on the CTS Customer Portal.